Instagram Story Tips

Whether you're a blogger, influencer, entertainer, creator or just use Instagram for fun, your Instagram story is a great way to showcase your personality on a daily basis. Here are a few of my tips and tricks to improve your IG story game:


  1. Separate letters in a word and use a different color text/background for each letter. I like to use a dark text over a lighter background, in shades of the same color. Light blue, dark blue, light gray, dark gray, white and black go well together.
  2. Create a cascading effect by copy/pasting the same words in multiple different shades of the same color (as in the "Happy Monday" picture below). 
  3. Make 3D text by typing the same phrase twice, make one light and one dark, and overlay the lighter text on the dark text to look like a shadow (as in the "NO CARBS, NO PROBLEM" picture below).
  4. Use a very thin line to handwrite in cursive, specifically the line that has a glow effect. This is one of my favorites!

2. CREATE A Call to Action:

When I post a new picture, write a new blog post, or have an update which I'd like my audience to see, I will put it in my story and cover some of the photo so they can only see it in full by completing a call to action. Someone surfing your story that does not follow you or hasn't visited your page is likely to check out your profile if you give them a reason to!

  1. Screenshot your most recent post and cover parts of it with blocks of color or emojis. I like to use black and white and tell my audience they can see it in color by visiting my website.
  2. Click/hold a photo on your instagram profile to enlarge it, which will blur out the rest of your page. Screenshot this, and upload it to your story to direct people to check out your new post. 
  3. Screenshot the mobile version of your website, and post this to your story.

3. Incorporate Emojis:

Incorporating emojis seamlessly into your photos will make them pop. One of my favorites is to use the swimming emoji in your cocktail, such as the example below of the little guy swimming in a margarita. In my other example I took a random picture of my juice and put the ingredients as emojis, making it look more 3D and not as bland.




4. Brand your story:

I love to frame my text with thin, colored lines that look like shooting stars. Pick one or two ways to showcase your personal style throughout different posts, and you're on your way to creating a unique voice! Here are a few ideas you could try:

  1. Only write in cursive
  2. Frame your text with thin lines
  3. Always use the same color text/text background
  4. Incorporate a unique font

5. Geo tags and hashtags:

Instagram recently announced that each location and hashtag will have it's own personal story. Adding a location or hashtag to your story is likely to get more viewers, which will generate new eyes on your content.

Seamlessly incorporate the location as I did in the picture of my hand below. There is a small "NYC" on my finger, which caused my story to be put into the NYC story. Get creative with it!


There's nothing I appreciate more than inspirational and uplifting content in someone's story. Here are a few of my ideas for go-to inspirational content:

  1. Quote you read in a book
  2. An original thought
  3. Screenshot someone else's words and tag them
  4. Famous sayings that everyone will recognize
  5. "Wednesday Wisdom or "Thursday Thought"


My go-to for giving my viewers a look into my "personal flare" is to share new music I'm listening to, and try to break the news about music that has just dropped. If you constantly alert your audience of new music, chances are they'll remember you for this and want to continue engaging with you on Instagram.

There are many tools in Instagram Story, and with it's constant updates there will always be new things to try! What are some of your favorite things to do on Instagram Story? How do you brand yourself?

Comment below!