Stay Trendy while Traveling

If you're on the go as much as I am, you must know how easy it is to scratch, break or lose your sunglasses constantly. I used to drop $300-$400 on a pair of glasses at a time until I misplaced enough of them and realized that probably wasn't the smartest decision! 

Luckily, WearMe Pro came up with a solution for those of us who are obsessed with sunglasses and want to stay on trend, but our travels/adventures make us weary of spending $300 on one pair of glasses at a time.

Introducing the SHADESBOX subscription. The process is really simple: first you select a personal style between street, hipster and modern. Then you select 3 styles of glasses (basically their shapes) and next you choose 3-5 colors from a list of 13. Lastly, pick whether you'd like the subscription to be quarterly or annually and voila, your glasses are on their way in a beautiful turquoise box!

P.S. - a slogan inside the box reads "I want to see the whole world" which is perfect for those of us wanderlusting our way through life.