How to: Plan Group Travel

How to: Plan Group Travel

Tips for planning a stress-free trip with friends.

Everyone has a different opinion on where to go, when to go and how to get there. Try the following for less hassle when planning your next group trip:

1. Use to poll the group FOR AVAILABILITY, POINTS OF INTEREST & OTHER DETAILS: homepage homepage

  • Poll as many details about the trip as possible!
  • Cap the time - only allow the group to enter dates for the next "x" months


Some friends want to stay in a 5-star resort and some want to stay in a hostel, so what's the perfect match? I always go with Airbnb and split the total cost with friends. I prefer staying in a home/apartment rather than hotel because it's a more authentic local experience (you'll also find me using the kitchen amenity). Airbnb also has a cool feature allowing you to split the bill when paying; the reservation is confirmed when each member has submitted payment.

3. Buy flights together

I recommend buying flights at the same time, or even getting together as a group to do it. Set Google alerts on multiple flight options and have a group text where you can update everyone as prices are lowest.

  • Hopper is another great tool to score cheap airfare. They analyze historical flight price trends to find you the lowest price.

4. Delegate & Research

  • Categorize the trip: restaurants, excursions, museums, site-seeing & events for example
  • Everyone chooses a topic based on their interests/strengths and researches said topic
  • Discuss research together as a group and decide which places to go based on everyone's interests

5. Give yourself a day 

In the event people want to do different activities, it's best to delegate one day where everyone can enjoy what they would like to do separately. This is the best way to accommodate multiple interests while still traveling as one group. Make sure you have a way to communicate with each other if you separate, and a time/place to meet at the end of the day.