Why do people laugh at creativity?

Why do people laugh at creativity?

I was standing atop the worlds tallest wax palm trees, breathing in the most refreshing Colombian air when I turned around to hear my brother arguing with A guy we didn't know.

I quickly noticed he was pointing in my direction which completely took me out of the moment and made me wonder what all the fuss was about. It turns out the man and his female companion were laughing at me while I was posing for pictures and my brother noticed it. Were they laughing at my attempt to jump in the air? At my hair flips when the wind blew it in my face? Or were they laughing because I just looked odd?

Whatever they were laughing at, it felt like they were tickled by my overwhelming attempt to capture a photo that wasn't a typical 'arms crossed, smile big' pose.

I spent the next few hours contemplating why people find creativity so funny, and why it's so humorous to see someone try to capture a moment in a more artistic way. It led me to writing this post because I don't think we were just meant to stand with our hands in our pockets, smiling like our middle school yearbook portraits. 

I love to interact with a landscape. To be a part of it. If I'm standing in front of 200 foot palm trees then maybe I'll jump in the air or climb the base of one for a picture. Is it really that funny? I can't help but to think:

Creativity is under siege. 

  • By social media platforms that celebrate robotic engagement

  • By artists pumping out posts like a t-shirt factory to get noticed by an algorithm

  • By plagiarizing stock photos for an "aesthetic"

  • And by people making fun of other's actually attempting to showcase his/her creativity

Next time you see someone attempting to take a picture, no matter how awkward or funny they look, remember that they're probably doing their best to create something that inspires them and that might just inspire others.

Let's celebrate creativity, not laugh at it.